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Miniature Bearing Sensor- Bearing Thermocouple and Bearing RTD configurations made to customer specifications.



 Selecting the Right Bearing Sensor  

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Thermometrics manufactures a range of high accuracy, miniature bearing sensors designed specifically for use in bearing applications to give a reliable indication of bearing wear and oil film breakdown through continuous monitoring of bearing temperature.


The bearing sensors, which are available in both Thermocouple and RTD versions, are designed to fit beneath the Babbitt layer of the bearing shoe and are supplied in either a standard configuration or a optional spring loaded configuration. 

Bearing thermocouples and RTD sensors have an operating temperature range of      -25 to +250C.

Standard bearing sensor assemblies are easy to install in drilled holes for general temperature sensing applications whereas the spring loaded top hat style assemblies are inserted into a milled hole with a retaining clip pushed down to compress the spring and retain the sensor against the surface being monitored.



Thermometrics Corporation is an American Company formed in 1965. Today Thermometrics Corporation employs approximately 30 personnel and operates from a modern, well equipped manufacturing plant based in Los Angeles.

Thermometrics Corporation specializes in the manufacture and supply of equipment for the measuring of temperature. The application of products manufactured are vast from paper mills to power stations, refineries to breweries, ships to space craft. The principal business activities of Thermometrics Corporation include the supply of equipment and services for all types of industries; boiler house equipment, heat recovery and condensate return, planes, trains and automobiles.

A Quality System to ISO 9001:2008 has been developed and implemented to ensure that all customer requirements are satisfied. The Quality System is applicable to all departments and to all activities undertaken by Thermometrics Corporation.

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Turbine, Power Plant, Motors, Hydroelectric Generators, Steam Turbines, Wind Turbines, Journal Bearing, Thrust Bearing, Rotating Machinery, Sleeve Bearing, Pumps, Gear Boxes   

Miniature Bearing Sensors

Miniature bearings sensors used in rotating machinery are designed to measure the critical bearing temperature of the bearing shoes operating in turbines,  generators and other rotating equipment. Monitoring the bearing temperature of rotating equipment is very critical and can provide an early warning of the lubricating oil breaking down when it becomes too hot, allowing machine shutdown and necessary maintenance to take place.

4 Stages of Bearing Failure 

RTD Temp vs. Resistance


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August 18th, 2010

Thermometrics now has the ability to offer customers wireless tempature monitoring and data logging systems. 

Customers now have the ability to view temperature readouts on any windows mobile or xp wifi device and recieve alerts when temperatures move beyong their constraints.  This gives you the ability to monitor your temperature sensors from anywhere in world that you have internet access

Wireless Sensor Monitoring 

August 18th, 2010


Thermometrics maintains an inventory of completed bearing sensors and with our time zone advantage, our Midwest and East Coast customers can call us late in the day and we can still make the UPS Red shipping time to get you the sensors tomorrow.

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Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing


Thermometrics has designed a new sensor that will reduce your inventory. Easily convert a miniature bearing sensor to a top hat design in your plant. No more stocking two different types of sensors

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Condition Monitoring for Steam Turbines & Sleeve Bearing Diagnostic & Failure Analysis:


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Bearing thermocouples and RTD sensors have an operating temperature range of          -25 to +250C.



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